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Exercising can Help Prevent Stress during the Holidays

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Holiday stress is nothing new. But some people may forget what this time of year is all about: family, friends, and traditions. Rather than running around looking for the perfect gifts, food, and decorations, take a breather and pay attention to what means the most to you in life. If you are having trouble managing all the stress, perhaps you could think about exercising.

Exercise is not only a healthy activity to partake in during the holidays, but it can also relieve some anxieties you have. Using this technique, you goal should not be to lose weight, but to maintain a healthy mindset that is worry free. Try to find an hour in your day to focus on the well being of your body and mind. Here are some tips to keep in mind this holiday season when exercising:

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• Eating healthy before exercising can help you have more energy during a workout. Although the holiday season is filled with treats and other fatty foods, you can plan ahead so you can resist the temptations. Eat more fruits and vegetables, grains and beans, and other non-fat foods that will keep your energy levels up and your fat intake down.
• Try to take walks before and after meals. Ride your bike, and remember to always stretch. Also make sure to get plenty of rest if you feel sick or feel like you pulled a muscle.
• Exercising regularly with a friend can help keep you motivated.
• Instead of fighting the crowds in the mall parking lot, try to find a spot far away and walk.
• Take your family out to walk around the neighborhood to look at holiday decorations.

Staying active is the key to a healthy holiday season. At S. Sanders Company Insurance, we hope these suggestions help you plan time to exercise and make wise food choices. Eventually, you will be able to see the benefits, which is a great gift you can give yourself this year. Get started today so you can better your health and life!


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