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Being Fair to Your Employees

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Being a business owner is not easy, especially when you have a large team to manage. When dealing with different personalities and experience levels, you may find it difficult to treat everyone equally. Although this is near impossible, you can make an effort to treat everyone fairly. Then, the company can grow together in one common vision, where each employee feels valued.

Being fair all the time is a lot of hard work since it requires thought and planning. However, it is worth the effort because you will get more appreciation and productivity from your employees. A good manager is one who treats everyone fairly. Here is how you can learn to be fair to your hard working team:

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• Treat others the way you would want to be treated, which is with fairness.
• Do not play favorites. Avoid giving a person all the good jobs or all the bad ones. Treat everyone as the unique individuals they are.
• Do not take advantage of others based on your position.
• When you follow the rules, and apply them equally, you are being fair. Make sure you apply them to yourself as well.
• As you assign work, think about whether you are doing it fairly. Also consider how other will perceive it.
• Be honest with your employees. Tell them why things are done the way they are. When you are honest with them, you are treating them equally.

At S. Sanders Company Insurance, we also hope that you are honest with yourself during this process. As you know, credibility is everything in the business world. Therefore, all the communications you have must be accurate, fair, and honest. Consistency goes a long way in ensuring fairness. So this New Year, make the resolution that you will become a better leader by listening to your team and opening up communication so everyone can feel appreciated.


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