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How Well Do You Know Your Car?: Seatbelt Safety 101

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Do you always see the commercials on television warning you about wearing a seatbelt? This action may seem like common practice to you. But one day, if you are taking a short ride down the street, you may decide not to put on your seatbelt. The move could be a costly and dangerous mistake.

Pay attention to the signs and advertisements about car accidents related to not wearing a seatbelt. They could save your life. Seatbelts were put in cars for a reason. Your safety and that of your family comes first, and since the road is so unpredictable, wearing a seat belt is a must. To learn more about the importance of these devices, here are some seatbelt safety tips:

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• A seatbelt is for individual use only, so make sure no one is doubling up.
• Correct seatbelt usage includes the shoulder belt being worn over the shoulder and close to the body, while the lap belt must be worn against the lower body and across the hips.
• Aside from children, pregnant women should always wear seatbelts.
• Don’t start the car unless everyone is buckled in.
• Require seat belts for every ride, every time. No exceptions.
• Eliminate unnecessary distractions. Being a good role model means more than just buckling up.

As a driver, you are responsible for everyone in your vehicle. A car accident or collision can happen at any time, so following these seatbelt safety tips can help you avoid serious consequences. Another option is to have auto insurance from S. Sanders Company Insurance. Whether you are involved in a minor fender bender or a dangerous collision, your insurance will be there to help you get through any difficult situation. Our experts are trained to help you find the most affordable plan. With a comprehensive and reliable policy, you may have a much better state of mind when navigating the busy freeways of California.


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