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Running a Home Based Business

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Managing a business is not easy. With many steps to take, this may deter your dreams from coming true. However, if this your passion, why not try it out? A startup takes time to foster, but perhaps beginning it at home is a good method to take as the company grows with time.

Running a home based business is a good option for those who are close to their family. In addition, it allows for different freedoms that an office environment wouldn’t necessarily provide. Other people start one for personal reasons, such as Caron Ory. When her father was diagnosed with diabetes, the trained dietitian came up with Eco-BeeCo after two years of research. This invention is a natural sugar alternative. However, when Ory wanted to share her product outside of her home, she ran into some issues.

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At first, to sell the product, California law required her to contract with a commercial kitchen to produce it. But that hurdle recently disappeared when Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1616 last fall. This law allows Californians to make and sell certain non-hazardous foods out of their own kitchens. With this new liberty, Ory wanted to help other home business owners in her position get their products off the ground. This is why she decided to teach a class at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa about AB 1616, beginning on March 2nd. The course will explain the new law and guide students through the business basics, including product assessment, pricing, and packaging.

Are you considering attending this class? Before doing anything, plan out what you want your business to look like. Depending on your industry, there might be deliveries, inventory, employees working at your house, insurance required, and more. It is best to have all your bases covered before committing to anything. In addition, your business needs protection from the unexpected. So why not go with someone you can trust? S. Sanders Company Insurance is here to help business owners get what they need in the form of a protection plan. Our agents know how to find not only the right policies, but the most affordable ones as well.


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