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How To Keep Thieves Hands OFF Your Packages This Holiday Season

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Hands Off Thieves

The Holiday Season is in full swing and if you’re anything like most of us, you have probably ordered at least one gift online.  Who can resist when searching for that perfect hard to find gift for your loved one (and even the occasional gift for that person on your list you would rather skip…)? One word says it all, CONVENIENCE.  Online shopping can be done 24 hours a day, from the comfort of your home while wearing your PJs, away from

the crazy crowds wearing their PJs in the stores, saves on gas and time, etc.  I’ve even bought something online with my phone while in a store that was sold out of the item I wanted.  Without the internet, there is no way that my daughter’s one request from Santa this year would be fulfilled.  That’s right, she asked for an old beanie baby.  Thank you internet.

So now that we are ordering all these fabulous and sometimes expensive gifts, how do we make sure that they end up in our hands instead of thieves looking to steal Christmas off our doorstep?  There are so many options we can use to protect our delivered packages.  Here’s a few helpful tips to try while waiting for the mail carrier. 1. Tracking alerts. Take advantage of this service.  Have delivery updates emailed or even sent via text message to your phone.  Knowing exactly when your package is going to be delivered is a major advantage over the would be thieves. 2. Be there. If you know when a package is arriving, plan to be there.  If that isn’t possible, then find a family member, friend, or neighbor who can pick it up and hold onto the package for you. 3. Choose your delivery address wisely.  If your work hours make it hard to be home to accept deliveries, then consider having your packages shipped to work.  If your place of business is not an option, try finding a stay at home mom, retired relative, etc. that is willing to receive deliveries for you.  This option can be helpful for keeping curious eyes at home from trying to figure out what you have bought.  😉 4. Amazon Locker.  Have you heard about this feature? Amazon has safe locker locations that you can choose to have items shipped to if your home or office are not an options.   We would love to hear from you!  Have you tried the Amazon Locker feature? What did you think of it?  Are there other options that I have missed?  Please share and leave us a comment below  =)

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