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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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If your business uses commercial vehicles, are you prepared for the unexpected?

While your business insurance policy protects you from physical damage costs to your building, you also need a commercial auto insurance option if your company owns any vehicles. In California there are many cars on the road and getting into accidents around here is more common than in most states. Whether it’s physical damage to one of your vehicles or a liability issue that arises unexpectedly, you need a commercial auto supplement to your existing business policy.

A commercial auto insurance policy will provide financial support in the event of an unexpected incident whether it be a collision or a legal incident. Because the roads are so unpredictable and drivers are naturally prone to error, your business needs all the coverage it can get. A collision can happen at any time and repairs can cost a lot of money. Additionally, if your company vehicle collides with another motorist and injuries occur, you’ll need the liability portion to protect you as well.

Getting insurance for your company’s premises is one thing, and insuring your vehicles is another so why not tackle both? Our agency’s commercial auto insurance policy can be catered to fit your needs, so whether you have large trucks, vans or just regular cars, your coverage will be there for you no matter what.

The experts at our California insurance agency will be able to guide you through the process of finding a commercial auto policy that fits your company vehicles. If you call us today at 888-398-2198 we can assess your situation and find the right policy for your business. Or, simply fill out the form on this page!

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